My Girls

If you’ve read anything I’ve written you know I love my dogs. So when Animal Control called and said they had a dog whose chip traced back to me I only had one question. When can I pick her up?

Bella was surrendered by her owner. She is 4 years old, from Mia and Al’s first litter and she is settling in nicely.

THIS is why I chip every pup before it leaves the farm. Because the chip got Animal Control in contact with me so I had the opportunity to adopt and get her back in an appropriate environment. She was a little thin, pretty skittish, but overall healthy. Animal Control spayed her, hence the cone, and brought her up to date on shots before turning her over to me.

Bella was very stand-off-ish while she acclimated to her new home. She barked at everyone but wasn’t aggressive and we didn’t push her to accept us. She is great with chicks, chickens, and the barn kitten.

It’s now a week later and she leans on us for attention, she’s still in the barn because as much as we want to let her run we also want her stitches to fully heal.

Anastasia is keeping Bella company in the barn because she was spayed the day after I picked Bella up. Ana is not as accepting of the cone as Bella, she’s pouting like a sleepy toddler

I tried to tell her it was temporary but she wasn’t believing me. The girls are in separate pens but within sight of each other. They can’t play yet so they are marking time till they can.

Today the cones came off which Ana is delighted about. Next week they can move back outside with the rest of the team.

I’m glad we have the ability to rehab these girls. First Anastasia after her 6 week adventure, lost on Big Lake and now Bella. Her history is a mystery to us so we are focusing on her future, we’ll just let her past be in the past. For now it’s love and positive interactions, both of which are so easy with these dogs.

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