This Cat

Our barn kitten is the most amazing cat I’ve ever had. We love him so much, and so do the dogs. Bella was in the barn recovering from her spay surgery while Bloo recovered from hi neuter, and these two became fast friends.  Not only is Bloo a beautiful cat, he’s got a super deluxe personality.


Bella is the new dog in the barn, she has only been back with us for a couple weeks, we haven’t seen her since she left at 3 months old. We were worried about her relationships with other animals but I think she’s good 🙂

Bloo plays with Bella

Play Continues

Still playing

It never ends

Finally Bloo had to take a break and do a little hunting. For a very young cat he is a prolific hunter which make me love him all the more.


I’ll post more soon 🙂


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