Dorper Ewes
Sally and the littles, our Dorper collection

Sally is the oldest of our Dorper sheep. She came to us from North Pole, Alaska and is one of the more friendly sheep we have. I lovingly refer to her as our labra-sheep. She is not too good at retrieving but she definitely has heel down to a fine science.IMG_0949

Most days, when the ewes are roaming the pasture, I feel a tug on my jacket and it’s Sally checking my pockets for treats or pushing on my hands for ear scratches. IMG_0384Sally still looking hopeful even after she was chased out of the barn.

For the 2014 lambing season Sally was bred to our Cormo ram Niko. They produced a lovely little boy with black fleece and white markings, we named him Zed.IMG_1409

So far, Sally’s only real flaw was when she lambed last spring she didn’t want to let her little guy nurse. We fixed that by haltering her and tying her in place so he could get a meal. Every day we loosened the rope until she no longer needed to be held and would let him nurse freely. After that she was a great mom.

I love natural colored sheep so we are repeating the breeding this year in hopes it might produce a little black ewe lamb. I know it won’t have Zed’s awesome little star but I’m hoping it will be just as loving and friendly as it’s momma.