Cue the Barry White

Niko the ram is now safely ensconced in the breeding pen with a new (to him) harem. The girls have mixed emotions about their new friend. He has a wonderful fleece, a very dense heavy blanket, and produced some really nice lambs last year. I can’t wait to see how this years crop turns out….

Things I Love

I love watching the puppies grow into mature guardians. They are not yet 4 months old and they are so well behaved with their sheep. They patiently watch as their sheep exit the night pen and head out to graze. Morning chores happen about 5 am here, it’s dark and quiet and really very peaceful….

Exciting Times

We have had so much interest in our Kickstarter campaign it’s wonderful to get to talk about my wonderful animals with so many enthusiastic people. I’m really looking forward to sharing all the news about our expansion with everyone. Cocoa and Nellie boarded their chariot and raced off to meet the gorgeous young ram who…

Weekend in Review

I just got home from 3 amazing days of fiber, friends, and fun. I needed that. I’ve been so busy with fundraising for the ranch expansion, teenager’s football ( and new football injury) plus regular farm chores that, to quote Bilbo, I began feeling like “butter that’s been scraped over too much bread.” Friday started…

Lamb Chops

Last night I cooked some beautiful shoulder chops. The chops are huge. They came from a sheep out of the flock I’m getting my breeding stock from. These sheep are gonna make some great meals. Make a donation to to our Kickstarter Campaign to pre-order some of this yummy goodness. For The Love Of Lambchops

The New Kids

As promised I would like to introduce Jolene (on the left) and Nelson (on the right)

New Sheep

Nothing speeds a recovery like new furry friends to cuddle. Last weekend I was in the hospital and this weekend I’m welcoming new sheep. I love my life. Jolene is a Cormo that originally came from the same flock as Missy, Katherine, Nellie and Cocoa. She is a petite little girl with gorgeous fleece and…