A typical day at the zoo    Rocco and pups Family Time


The first part of the day was productive at work, then sunny and warm while we were out doing afternoon site visits. My day job includes floodplain management which means I have to pay attention to creeks, rivers, and bridges. While checking one particulat bridge we spotted a king resting before battling his way upstream….

Farm Funnies

It’s easy to do chores when we are assisted by the fuzz balls. Tom collected hay but then had to stop and play with mini polar bears.   Mia only lets them nurse about once a day now. And only in the evening when it’s cool. It turns into quite the mob scene when she…

5 Weeks Old

Momma Mia is enjoying having her pups outside and playing with them in the sunshine.  Link to video The pups are growing fast and some personalities are starting to emerge.  Chewbacca is always happy to see us. Jabba eats and sleeps, in that order. Luke will always twine between your feet and try to trip…