Raw Wool

We have too many fleeces, our wool shelves are overflowing, so come pick up this wool and get your projects going! In no particular order here is the first batch:

#2 – Bridgett had her coat removed at lambing and the lambs climbed all over her and even slept on her. Fun to watch but hard on the fleece, this one will need some extra work. Cormo/Polypay $20

#3 – Alice has a tight crimp but her coat was removed after lambing and the lambs loved to climb and sleep on her so there is a fair bit of dirt. Romney 3.5” staple $30

#4 – Choker is a delightful fleece. It’s big, it’s crimpy, and soft. He was coated and fairly well skirted. Cormo/Rambouillet 3” staple. $50

#5 – S’mores first fleece. It’s nice and soft, a smaller fleece that was coated and well skirted. Definitely more like the Cormo, just look at that crimp. Not much in the way of Icelandic guard hairs. 3” staple $40

When the house burned some of the fleeces were rescued, their paperwork was not. I have no idea which sheep these fleeces come from and most no longer carry any smoke smell. The ones that I have washed have lost the smoke smell with a good soak in Dawn and a bit of time in the fresh air and sunshine. Even the ones that look kinda matted (from being soaked and dried as a whole fleece) comb out and spin up pretty nice. There are several peppered through the list.

#6 – Unknown #5 This fleece was rescued from our house fire and does not smell smokey. it’s a pretty clean Cormo cross. 4” staple that still in lock formation. $40

#7 – Galahad Icelandic/Cormo cross. This guy does not take a coat so there is vm but most is big enough to monkey pick out. Some guard hairs from the Icelandic side but mostly it’s Cormo crimpy goodness. 3.5” staple. $50

#11 – Big Bertha is a Nico daughter and carries his fineness and crimp. This is a big full fleece that was coated but wasn’t skirted as well as it should have been so I’ve rated it great rather than excellent. 4” staple $50

#12 – Bobby’s lamb fleece is what I would consider a medium sized fleece, he was coated and will wash out to a bright white. Cormo/Romney. 3” staple. $40

#14 – #14 Yes, you read that right. We had a sheep named #14. A nice sized fleece with good crimp. Another Cormo/Romney with 3.5” staple $50

#15 – Betty A typical dual coated sheep, the outer guard hairs are strong and durable enough for rugs or outerwear and the undercoat is pretty soft.

#16 – Fire Fleece #1 The smoke smell seems to come out with the scouring. I’m really pleased with the fleece I’ve been processing myself. Having said that, this is a 4” staple, whole fleece for $20

#17 – Fire Fleece #3 This one is still pretty open and doesn’t smell smokey to me. Good crimp, 4” staple. $30

#18 – Tommy Chong This is Nico’s son and what a sweet fleece it is. This fleece is exceptional. Big fleece, super fine, crispy, silky soft. Coated. Did I mention super fine? 3” staple $70

#19 – Fire Fleece #6 Cormo cross or maybe a Rambouillet cross, hard to guess but it’s pretty clean, a little on the shorter side at 2” $20

#20 – Stuff Compared to the other fleeces this feels like a rug but there’s a fair amount and it is strong and durable enough for outerwear. 2.5” staple $40

#21 – Fire Fleece #2 The crimp just doesn’t quit with these Cormo crosses. This one might have a slight Smokey smell. 3” staple $20

#23 – Fire Fleece #7 This one has some vm but it is a Cormo cross with 3.5” staple. $10.

#25 – Richter This fleece is 5.5” staple! it’s fluffy, it’s fine, and man does it Twang! Romney yearling $50

#29 – Brienne Cormo/Tunis yearling and man is she soft. This fleece was coated so it’s clean with a 3” staple. $40

#36 – Felony Melanie A nice crimpy fleece with a 4” staple. She was coated so it’s clean and it’s been well skirted. Another Cormo cross that feels amazing. $40

#37 – Missande This little girl takes after her dad Tommy Chong with the superfine fleece. 4” staple and unbelievably soft. $50

#39 – Bella This yearling ewe is out of Bridget (Cormo/Polypay) sired by a Corriedale Ram from New Zealand via AI. This is a very long staple, it’s strong, it’s soft, and the bold crimp glistens. $60

#40 – Piper One of my favorite ewes, she is Cormo/Rambouillet/Columbia/Hampshire Down. Her fleece is the best of both worlds. Nice fine crimp, lighter lanolin than the fine wools, but still a bit of sheen. A good size coated fleece with 5” staple $50

#43 – Stella Bella’s sister, Cormo/Polypay sired by a Corriedale Ram from New Zealand via AI. A nice fleece with Corriedale crimp and a 5” staple. $40

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