Raw Wool

We have too many fleeces, our wool shelves are overflowing, so come pick up this wool and get your projects going! In no particular order here is the first batch:

This was S’mores hogget fleece. It’s nice and soft, smaller fleece that was coated and well skirted.

Alice has a tight crimp but her coat was removed after lambing and the lambs loved to climb and sleep on her so there is a fair bit of dirt.

Bobby’s hogget fleece is what I would consider a medium sized fleece, coated and skirted but will need a little extra work. will wash out to a bright white.

Big Bertha is a Nico’s daughter and carries his fineness and crimp. This is a big full fleece that was coated but wasn’t skirted as well as it should have been.

SOLD – Duchess is one of my favorites. Less lanolin that the cormos and a more open crimp. This is a heavy and very clean fleece that will take very little processing

Vinnie is another hogget wether, a big heavy fleece that was coated and is very clean.

Bridgett also had her coat removed at lambing and the lambs climbed on and slept on her. Fun to watch but hard on the fleece, this one will need some extra work.

Woolley Nelson is another one with lower lanolin, a nice open crimp. He’s a big boy so this is a very big fleece. He was coated but this was not skirted as well as I would have liked.

Gwennie This fleece was uncoated and has a fair bit of vm, there is a LOT of fleece, and it’s got a nice feel to it. She has the Icelandic guard hairs and the downy undercoat is nice and lush.

SOLD – Nico – Oh this guy, super fine, bright white, This is a HUGE fleece. Coated and very clean.

Choker is a delightful fleece. It’s big, it’s crimpy, and soft. He was coated and fairly well skirted.

When the house burned some of the fleeces were rescued, their paperwork was not. I have no idea which sheep these fleeces come from and most no longer carry any smoke smell. The ones I have washed have lost the smoke smell with a good soak in Dawn and a fresh air dry.

The crimp just doesn’t quit

Felony Melanie This gal is a nice fleece but she is on the smaller side.

This one didn’t smell smokey to me

Missy Super fine, will wash out bright white, great staple length, could have been skirted better.

Small fleece – SOLD

Fire Fleece #5 is a pretty large fleece, no smoke smell, but wasn’t skirted well.

Stuff is a pretty course fleece. I think she might make a good rug yarn or felted projects.

Fire Fleece #6 is a medium sized fleece that is fairly clean.

Fire Fleece #7 No smoke smell but will need extra work

Fire Fleece #8 is a smaller fleece with nice crimp and good staple length.

Gallahad is a heavy fleece, there is a lot of it, good for outer wear, rug yarn, or felting projects. He’s all white so dying is an option, it’s soft but will need plenty of work to get all the vm out.

#14 is not a fire fleece, I just never got around to naming this one so that is the ear tag number. This is another big heavy fleece with good crimp.

Betty This is a big heavy fleece. She is actually a triple coat is you have the patience to separate.

Fire Fleece #9 This is smaller fleece that is super fine and look at that crimp!

Fire Fleece #10 Medium size fleece, fine and crimpy

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