A Little Background

I know now why you never see farms with just one or two animals. They are addictive in ways city people can’t even imagine. Chickens are just the gateway to the madness. Oh sure, it sounds innocent enough, just a couple hens, for some fresh eggs, next thing you know you have an incubator, a brooder and your coop is so crowded you find yourself selling gorgeous birds out of the back of your car.

 Ok, so I was selling birds out of the back of my car at a swap meet at Animal Food Warehouse but still, you get the picture. I started with just a couple birds and now I don’t count them because I might have to admit I have too many. Every single one is happy and healthy and spoiled rotten. I do sell some eggs to help offset the feed bill but really they are just a hobby.

 Did I mention they have their own dogs? Chickens are sort of defenseless. They can bite and scratch but compared to a fox or owl or even the neighbor’s dog, they really don’t stand a chance. So we got the dogs to protect the chickens, and they do an excellent job, no losses, it’s pretty awesome. But they were a little lonely, chickens aren’t really warm and fuzzy.

 So we got the dogs some sheep. Actually, we took two lambs as partial payment for a puppy so in essence the dogs got themselves some sheep. Yeah, that’s the ticket! But sheep are flock animals, they need others of their kind to bond with, so I picked up a third just in case something happened to one of the first two. And then I picked up two more because they have different fleece from the first three and, well, I might want to spin some finer yarn someday, after I get a spinning wheel, and learn how to use it.

Yep, I’m outta control, the inmates are running the asylum but so far no one has filed a formal complaint. My dear sweet husband just grins and accepts the inevitable (I really love that man) and encourages me to find ways to offset the cost of all this. And offset I shall!

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  1. De says:

    Geez … that sounds just like the way I started out, only it was geese instead of chickens. And goats (at first) instead of sheep. But the story line is almost identical. Just to give you a heads up though (or maybe your husband ) … that WAS nearly 25 years ago. HAVE FUN!

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