Sheep Sale

To prepare for surgery the following sheep are for sale.

Sonny – Registered Merino Ram $1000


Sonny is a 3 year old proven ram with top quality super-fine fleece. He is one of the first sheep born in Alaska using Australian genetics via artificial insemination. All the ewes he covered gave us twins with excellent wool qualities. His 14 lb fleece won the fine wool division at the Mat-Su Fiber Festival and the Alaska State Fair. He is a ram, not a pet, but if you are looking for amazing bloodlines, this guy has them.

Tommy Chong – Ram – $800


Chong is a 3 yr old Rambouillet/Cormo ram with exceptional fleece. He’s a good sized guy, about 220 lbs, who is nice to his harem and has a 100% success rate in his first 2 breeding seasons. The judges love his fleece and that of his offspring.

Niko – Ram – $500


Niko is the guy that started our breeding program. He has a super fine, crimpy, bright white fleece that makes most handspinners swoon. He’s a cutie but he was a bottle baby so he needs a secure pen for your safety. He has given us many lambs over the years, passing his exceptional wool characteristics on to the younger generations.

Betty – $400

Betty Boop is 1/2 Icelandic 1/2 Finn (I have previously said Hampshire, I was wrong) This is what happens whe your house burns down and you loose all your notes and records. It took me a lot of backtracking through old Facebook posts to figure this out. Betty grows a lovely heavy fleece and she’s a great mother. This year she allowed me to milk her to supplement a couple orphans.  She is an easy keeper and a problem free momma.


Crazypants – $150

Crazypants is an experienced mom who is easy to fence, She has easy deliveries, she has a bag like a milk cow so her babies grow fast. She isn’t the best at fighting for food so we have to watch her within the group and make sure she’s getting fed.


Big Bertha – $400

2 years old, Bertha gave us twins for her first breeding. She’s Crazypants daughter and she was a twin. Tunis/Cormo with a lovely fleece. She’s been an easy keeper and she was a great mom.

Felony Melanie – $300

Mel was named after a character in Sweet Home Alabama 🙂 She is Alice’s daughter and a really good momma as well. She was a single but gave us twins this year. An easy keeper with medium/fine wool.


Gwynevere – $400

This momma was a twin and she gave us twins. She is Betty’s daughter so she’s a super-mom, super attentive and super protective too.  Talk about an easy keeper, a good looking girl, and wow what a heavy fleece. She’s got the long outter guard and LOTS of downy large soft under coat with nice open crimp.

Smores – $250

Smores is Gwennies little sister, Betty and Niko’s daughter from last year. She is a year old and soft as silk! She doesn’t have the long outer coat like Gwennie does, and she’s much much softer. She’s a maiden, and she was a single but both parents were twins and Betty has thrown several sets of twins.

Bridget – $400

Bridget is a proven mom who gives strong healthy babies. This year she gave us TRIPLETS and she raised them all, no bottles or suppliments. She is Polypay/Cormo with fine white fleece. Another easy keeper who is pretty friendly too.

Alice – $300

Alice is a Romney cross, she’s pretty friendly and such a good momma (notice the trend). Her fleece is pretty good but not one of our best, she’s an easy keeper (another trend). In our flock, it’s important to be easy to care for.

Rob – Sold

The first of our young ones. This guy missed getting wethered so that can be done before he goes home. Rob and Jon are Melanie’s boys by our Merino ram so they have excellent fleece genes.

Jon – Sold

Jon was not wethered either so that can also be done before he leaves. Jon is Melanie’s other son by our Merino Ram so there is great wool genes in that pool.


Gilly – $250

This little ewe lamb is 1/4 Dorper 1/4 Cormo 1/2 Merino. Her mother won grand champion fleece last year and her fathers fleece is, well, stunning. So if you are looking to add wool genes this is your girl.

Sansa – $250

Sansa is the Daughter of Gwennie and our Merino Ram so that makes her 1/8 Icelandic 1/8 Finn 1/4 Cormo 1/2 Merino. That is a lot of good wool quality in her family tree. She’s also a twin from a twin who was from a twin so her production potential should be pretty good.



Davos – $150

Davos is a wether, from our Dorper Ewe By our Tommy Chong. He is a cute little thing. Short in stature, the youngest of our brood, he seems to be getting the hang of life without mom (weaning is tough)

Bronn $150

Bronn is a wether from our Dorper ewe by our Tommy Chong. He is Davos’ twin and a cute little thing. Short in stature, these guys are the youngest of our brood, he seems to be getting the hang of life without mom (weaning is tough)

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