Meet The Sheep

We met Pappy and Betty when they were just a couple days old. Waiting several weeks until they were weaned and ready to come home felt like forever!

Our first Icelandic lambs. This is Pappy and Betty Boop when we first got them.
Our first Icelandic lambs.This is Pappy and Betty Boop when we first got them.

Pappy reminds me a lot of my Labrador. He comes right to me every time I go into the pasture and he’s really happiest when some part of him is touching some part of me.

3 months later he's gotten bigger and more... uhh friendly?
3 months later Pappy has gotten bigger and even more friendly.

Betty Boop has the biggest brown eyes and the longest lashes on such a dainty little face. She shy and quiet, and just everything about her screams “I’m a lady”.


Matilda is a shy girl with the most gorgeous rich brown color.

Our shy girl is a beautiful rich brown

The Cormos came from a farm that used numbers and not names to identify the sheep. It is something I would quite like to change. Meet #65


And her BFF #68


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