Matilda is the leader of the pack. Always at the front of the parade she is the first one to strike out to graze and leads the charge back to the barn at feeding time. Matilda cam to us as an adult from a small farm nearby. She did not live with dogs in her pen but this is Alaska and we do have a number of predators so her previous home did have dogs on the property.

She was a little skittish around our Maremmas at first but the dogs knew what to do and charmed her pretty quickly. Now she ignores them much like a mother of teenagers, she knows where they are and what they are doing but doesn’t bother getting excited about most of it.

Matilda has a nice loose fluffy curl to her fleece and such a rich color with natural hi-lights and low lights.

IMG_1827 IMG_1831

Matilda gave us twins in 2014.

Matilda is almost as wide as she is long
Matilda is almost as wide as she is long

Her ram lamb was big enough to require a little assistance but the little ewe lamb came out fast and healthy. Both lambs gained weight at a nice rate thanks to Matilda’s fantastic milk production. She is a super-mom and still our cagiest and most aloof ewe.

Hans (front) and Heidi the newest additions to Tower Ranch
Hans (front) and HeidiĀ 

Hans started out jet black but his sugar lips were a sign her would grow out to ba grey, just like his daddy.

photo (56)

Heidi looks just like her momma.


Can’t wait to see what Matilda gives us in 2015.

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