Happy Mother’s Day

The mothers at Tower Ranch wish you a Happy Mothers Day And soon-to-be mom 68 shows the kids she’s still got a little spring in her step.

It’s Twins

Matilda the Icelandic ewe gave us a sweet set of twins Thursday morning just before 4 am. The irony of living on a farm, so much to write about but no time to write. More details to follow, and pictures too!

Tent City, Bug Lights, And Sheep That Go Moo

Living in Alaska teaches optimism, flexibility and versatility. On the first of April our low temperature was about 17* and on the first of May the high was 72*. Thirty days makes a big difference. The ice is melted the mud is dried up (here at least) and the sheep are battling the heat. The…

Working Weekend

Pasture reclamation is going better than I had hoped. Unless you’ve lived in an area of prolonged freezing during winter months you cannot properly enjoy the phenomenon known as “break-up” nor appreciate what an utter mess it can be. The first weeks of warm weather the solid ground starts to soften and break-apart into muddy…