This is Amanda. She is a purebred American Teeswater from Ovelha Acres in Oregon. She came to live with us in April 2014 and making her the very first Teeswater in Alaska.

Amanda patiently waits for dinner
Amanda patiently waits for dinner

She is as sweet as can be and those locks, oh my! Teeswaters are known for their long curls that have amazing luster and shine, even after they are dyed.

Their wool grows in long curly locks, about 8-12 inches per year, depending on the environment. You see, healthy sheep grow wool faster than under nourished sheep. Sheep in super cold or really hot climates grow wool slower than their cousins in milder climates. The more energy the sheep needs to survive, the less energy they can allocate to growing wool. So for a wool farmer it really pays to take excellent care of the sheep.

A single Teeswater lock
A single Teeswater lock

The tight curls can be used in a multitude of fiber arts and craft projects. My mom wants to make a new beard for her favorite Santa.

Teeswaters grow tightly curled locks
Teeswaters grow tightly curled locks

I will never win awards for my photography skills, but I think you can see how the locks sparkle. Now imagine bright colors that shimmer and shine.

Shiny locks
Shiny locks

Next year I hope to get another ewe and start trying for lambs. Because there are so few purebred Teeswater rams, and all of them are so very far away from Alaska, I will need to use artificial insemination to make more of these lovely creatures.  Hopefully by then the local vet will have it down to a fine science…

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Michelle, Is Amanda’s fleece available this year? She’s lovely.

    1. Thank you Sharon, I think she’s pretty special too 🙂 I have not clipped her yet, I’ll wait until it’s a little warmer outside as the barn is full of pending mommies. We will be offer some of her locks for sale probably in April if the weather cooperates.

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