Tarn finally got around to delivering her puppies :0)  We thought the x-ray showed 11 little aliens in Tarn’s belly, last night she delivered 10 puppies, sadly one was stillborn. This morning we have 4 males and 5 female puppies, with healthy appetites and even healthier lungs. It was a long night, but lucky for…

Baby Watch

As of Saturday morning, 8 am, no puppies yet. As a matter of fact I don’t even think we have pre-labor yet but it’s hard to tell when your patient has limited communication abilities. The good news is she seems pretty comfortable and she’s stopped eating and doesn’t want to go outside except to potty,…


Tarn is safely ensconced in the birthing pen. It’s clean, it’s safe, it’s warm. And now it’s private. We blocked the dog door so she’s a captive audience and Rocco can’t bug her while she’s napping. It’s too cold to risk pups born outside so she will be confined to quarters till the puppies are…

Trick Or Treat

Tarn is getting close to her due date so we did an x-ray to see how many to expect.     We think we see 11 new Maremmas getting ready to make their debut.  Happy Halloween!

Light Bright

Living in Alaska means spending quite a bit of time in the dark. We find all kinds of ways to cope, sometimes we employ lights other times we merely revel in the dark.     I enjoy the dark as much as I do the light, except when I want to see my lambs. So, tonight…


I was doing chores and feeding sheep when I noticed Rocco playing with his little sister Ziggy. He is so gentle with her while teaching her how to fight. Rocco and Ziggy Maremmas are the best dogs ever!

Good To Be Home

After spending the weekend at our local fiber retreat I almost forgot how to do chores. Fortunately I had supervision.    Prince Charming on the left, Ziggy on the right.      They are both so patient and calm while I work.   If you look close you will see that Charming has his arm over Ziggy….