Working Sheep

Ana has a little lamb… who follows her EVERYwhere. 

Minnie loves her dog and follows her all around the pasture. The other sheep go off to graze but Minnie tags along with her big white dog. 

Today Ana was helping tom with the sprinkler and Minnie was right with her, until she spotted me. There is nothing quite so adorable as a baby lamb who spits her foster mommy from across the way. Click here to see her reaction.

Once Tom was done working outside the fence and came back through the gate Ana had to go with him again. Click here to see Ana and Minnie

My favorite work crew posed for a picture but I. Ever did get one where Tom was looking up. 

But alas, chores are never quite finished on a farm so we are off to our next task. 

Click here to see us go

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Poultry and LGDs

This article is so well written I just want to share it From Mother Earth News

It explains how we train our LGDs. The instincts take care of the guarding. We work on manners and appropriate behaviors. 

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Dinner Time

This is what makes my heart sing. 

This little lady isn’t an orphan, she’s a quad. And as any mom of multiples can attest, keeping several mouths fed at once can be quite the task. Add to that the facts that she was born in Fairbanks and I wanted her for my farm in Palmer. So the decision was made to put this baby on a bottle. 

Bottle feeding lambs is a labor of love. They start with several small feedings every day and all through the night, then progress to 4 – 10 oz  meals and eventually 3 – 16 oz feedings until they start eating solid foods at about 3 weeks. The 4th week stays at that level or less so there is more time to eat hay and lamb feed and after day 30 formula stops altogether and solid foods are all she gets. 

For now she is still getting bottles and boy is she happy about it. As a lamb nurses their tail wags when they get milk. It’s a great way to tell if they are latching onto mom since that’s a hard angle to see clearly and an adorable side affect of bottle feeding. 

Click here to see Minnie’s evening bottle
I’m so lucky I get to come home after a hard day’s work and spend time in the barn with all my critters. 

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Chicken Dog

People ask me all the time “How do Maremmas do with chickens?” Well, Al Will tell you that Maremmas are very fond of chickens. 
Mia and Anastasia hover around the sheep but Al, Al prefers the company of chickens.  So much so that when we moved some meat birds to an outdoor pen he set up camp right next to them. 

I get such a kick out this dog and his funny obsession with chickens. He won’t do anything but watch these birds for as long as they are out there. 

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Quick Update

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to spend more daylight hours out with the animals. Today I got to spend a little extra time with one of my kids too.IMG_0264

Sir Galahad is healing but not enough to go back outside with the general population. In the meantime, he’s teaching Minnie how to eat hay like a proper sheep should. She’s gaining weight, tipping the scales at a modest 10.3 lbs, up over 3 lbs in the past week.


The other benefit of the warm weather is I get to watch the self propelled lawn mowers trim up the backyard.


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Happy Tuesday

It’s hard work grazing all day. 

Guinevere has the prettiest face. So delicate like her mommas. 

Rocco is such a big happy boy. 

Clyde is just as big and just as happy 

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Never A Dull Moment

Betty’s son hurt his foot so he’s inside staying clean and dry. Of course Minnie is loving the new roommate 

I’m amazed at how huge this 2 month old lamb looks next to tiny Minnie. He’s not the biggest lamb we have but she’s still so little that he looks like Andre the Giant.  

Meanwhile the Marshmallows are growing. 

No, not that marshmallow. These marshmallows

Ana loves to play with her sisters and Tarn enjoys the break. 

Although when she thinks no one is looking Tarn is just as playful as her daughters. Such a good mommy. 

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