Holiday Lamb


When you buy a lamb from our farm at Tower Ranch here in Palmer, Alaska or ANY OTHER LOCAL FARMER/PRODUCER, you are not only supporting us, but you are supporting a entire chain of local businesses and farmers, you are supporting:
Barley farmers in Delta!
Hay farmers in Palmer/Delta!
Our Veterinarians
Mt. McKinley Meats and Sausage USDA Plant in Palmer!
Alaska Grown!
Alaska Mill and Feed in Anchorage!
Food Security in ALASKA! and the list goes on and on! Thank you for supporting local. Please go out and buy from ANY local farmer and boost our agricultural community and food security here in Alaska! Go in halves with friends and family on half a hogs/buffalo/beef/elk/goats/lambs- buy chicken/turkeys/eggs/honey and MILK.

Get to know your farmers! Know your Farmer, know your food

We currently have legs, chops, steaks, stew meat, and soup bones available. Please check our out Shop page for pricing and contact us via email at

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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This Cat

Our barn kitten is the most amazing cat I’ve ever had. We love him so much, and so do the dogs. Bella was in the barn recovering from her spay surgery while Bloo recovered from hi neuter, and these two became fast friends.ย  Not only is Bloo a beautiful cat, he’s got a super deluxe personality.


Bella is the new dog in the barn, she has only been back with us for a couple weeks, we haven’t seen her since she left at 3 months old. We were worried about her relationships with other animals but I think she’s good ๐Ÿ™‚

Bloo plays with Bella

Play Continues

Still playing

It never ends

Finally Bloo had to take a break and do a little hunting. For a very young cat he is a prolific hunter which make me love him all the more.


I’ll post more soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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My Girls

If you’ve read anything I’ve written you know I love my dogs. So when Animal Control called and said they had a dog whose chip traced back to me I only had one question. When can I pick her up?

Bella was surrendered by her owner. She is 4 years old, from Mia and Al’s first litter and she is settling in nicely.

THIS is why I chip every pup before it leaves the farm. Because the chip got Animal Control in contact with me so I had the opportunity to adopt and get her back in an appropriate environment. She was a little thin, pretty skittish, but overall healthy. Animal Control spayed her, hence the cone, and brought her up to date on shots before turning her over to me.

Bella was very stand-off-ish while she acclimated to her new home. She barked at everyone but wasn’t aggressive and we didn’t push her to accept us. She is great with chicks, chickens, and the barn kitten.

It’s now a week later and she leans on us for attention, she’s still in the barn because as much as we want to let her run we also want her stitches to fully heal.

Anastasia is keeping Bella company in the barn because she was spayed the day after I picked Bella up. Ana is not as accepting of the cone as Bella, she’s pouting like a sleepy toddler

I tried to tell her it was temporary but she wasn’t believing me. The girls are in separate pens but within sight of each other. They can’t play yet so they are marking time till they can.

Today the cones came off which Ana is delighted about. Next week they can move back outside with the rest of the team.

I’m glad we have the ability to rehab these girls. First Anastasia after her 6 week adventure, lost on Big Lake and now Bella. Her history is a mystery to us so we are focusing on her future, we’ll just let her past be in the past. For now it’s love and positive interactions, both of which are so easy with these dogs.

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Fall Chores

It’s been rainy for weeks but today we have a lovely clear day. Time to finish things up before it gets too cold outside.

It was time to rinse and dry the fleece I had set out to soak. The salt and sweat mix with water and make soap and act like a pre-wash. I lay it out in manageable amounts to rinse with the hose. Then I let it drip for about 10 minutes before moving it to the drying rack

The drying rack is a length of fence draped over buckets in the back yard. The sun isn’t hot but warm enough for some of the moisture to evaporate.

While I waited for the rinsed fleece to drip I was working on raking topsoil into the damaged areas of the lawn. Heavy equipment left ruts in the lawn that I had filled with compost. The topsoil will provide a bed for grass seeds

Tom was putting to roof on the ram shelter. This will be Niko’s new quarters. We will put another next to it for additional hay storage.

We put a gravel pad under the shelters which will let snow melt soak in to help ensure sheep will have dry feet during breakup.

Anastasia helped supervise the construction. She’s such a big help ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Fleece for Sale

Now that both the Mat-Su Valley Fiber Festival and the Alaska State Fair are over I can part with all this yummy fleece. ย If you had your eyes on something earlier this year please don’t be shy, REMIND ME, because my brain cell is not always the best at remembering things ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve included the judges comments for your information.


Bert is clean and crimpy. He washed up to a fine bright white.







Niko is a very fine bright white fleece. Not too greasy and very clean. This is exactly why I coat my sheep.









Perdita is sold


Perdita looks like a white sheep with black spots, however, when we sheared her we found out she is covered in spots! This gives her some solid brown fleece and some “white” which is actually marbled brown and white. ย The lock structure would allow for separation before processing.img_1084.jpg

Tommy Chong is sold




It appears the vm is debris that got on the fleece from the shearing floor. This sheep was coated.




There are some areas that have heavier lanolin and appear more yellowed which is (I think) what the judge would have preferred been skirted out. In my experience it washes out.img_1091.jpgIMG_1092.JPG


Duchess has a low lanolin content that gives her fleece a light feel. If you like to spin with a little grease you could spin this raw.




Missy is pure Cormo, bright white and tightly crimped.



Princess won the Best White Fleece at the Mat-Su Valley Fiber Festival.

She is another Columbia/Hampshire Down cross who’s fleece feels light and ready to spin, even in the raw ๐Ÿ˜‰






Bertha was also coated so the vm is debris from the shearing floor.









There is just 1 # left



I’m not gonna lie. These dark colors are so hard to photograph.

Mocha looks chocolate on the outside and is pretty nice dark grey with silver threads throughout.




Latte is Sold

IMG_1101Kind of like a Silverbacked Gorilla, Latte has both dark and lighter shades of grey. They are both lovely, fine and crimpy.


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Sold out – We will have more fleeces soon ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m selling these fleeces for a friend.

This raw fleece weighs 5.25 lbs, is relatively clean (for an uncoated fleece) and rinses out pretty bright white. $35 for the whole fleece.

This fleece has more vm than the other, is 5 lbs, and will take some combing to remove the bits. Perhaps some of the vm will blow out prior to washing. This fleece is $20.

To purchase email me at

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Rookie Mistake

This guy, this awesome, well built, beautifully fleeced guy, should have been a champion.


Tommy Chong coulda been the best sheep in the show.

But no. Because I was so preoccupied with other things I took the wrong sheep into the ring. (Queue the sound of my head hitting the desk).

July 22nd & 23rd I attended the 2nd annual Mat-Su Valley Fiber Festival. I am also the chairperson of the event, backed by a great team of committee members, and we pulled off a really great event. The highlight, for me at least, was a livestock show based on FIBER. That’s right, no meat market here, just wool, wool, and more wool. Fleece and Fiber of every texture, color, and purpose from all over our great state.

We brought up some real-deal fiber judges from out of state, and started the show with a fleece and fiber show. The judges decided to work together and judge the fleece as a team. It was very educational to watch their process and hear all their comments. After the ribbons were awarded they took the time to answer questions from the producers, most of whom had never been to a real fiber festival or fleece show before. It was fascinating to hear all the reasons they placed one before the other, or decided not to score one at all.

Out of the 32 fleeces on the table 13 were from Tower Ranch. We won best white fleece (Princess) and took several blues, a few reds and we even had a couple that didn’t get scored which I later found out was because the judge deemed them poorly skirted and not well presented. Considering 98% of my time and attention was spent on organizing the festival I was satisfied with my mediocre showing.


Congratulations to Valerie Tompkins for Best Natural Fleece.

I was watching the judges when they reached into a bag of natural colored fleece from my ewe Latte. The tag read Romney because that is what I had been told she was when I bought her. The judge insisted it was not Romney and after I admitted that I didn’t actually know what she was (the gentleman had passed and his kids were selling the sheep without his records) he corrected me that the fleece felt more like Merino. I had heard the previous owner had Romney/Rambouillets so the judge said that must be it, he would believe she was Rambouillet (french merino) but she most definitely wasn’t Romney. I laughed and said, I stand corrected, apparently she’s a rambouillet ๐Ÿ™‚ And that is how our whole day went. They taught, we learned, and a good time was had by all.

After the fleece show we moved on to live animals.

Saturday was the sheep events judged by Sam Wiford. We started with the rams, all 3 of my rams did well. I had to correct my entries as it appeared that my Cormo/Romney was actually a Cormo/Rambouillet. The judge was once again careful to teach us as we went. Most classes only had 2 or 3 sheep in them and we had been very honest admitting this was the first fiber festival with a fiber animal show we had ever had the opportunity to attend. He showed us each of our animals strengths and weaknesses, validating my choices to wether one lamb while leaving the other intact.


Tommy Chong won Best Ram

Next came the ewes, Princess did better than Duchess, and he said Felony Melanie is going to be great. I hadn’t had time to prepare the sheep so they were straight out of the pasture, I took off their coats and put them in the ring. I would have liked to have at least washed their faces or something but time didn’t allow, I’m still not sure how one prepares a wool sheep for the ring. Regardless we still had a great time and brought home some ribbons.


Spot won Best Ewe

Lee Hecimovich won best ewe and Becky Hammond from White Fireweed Farms won Best fleece overall. Congratulations to both for a job well done.

The biggest lesson I learned that day? Pay attention to what the judge is saying.

After Chong won the Best ram the judge made a comment that he was a full package. Great confirmation, size, and unbeatable wool. But his fleece didn’t even get scored on the fleece table, and Princess one best white fleece so when the ring steward called for best fleece sheep I grabbed Princess, because her fleece won on the table. Of the 4 sheep in the ring Princess didn’t place. As I was leaving the ring with Princess the judge told me I screwed up, that I should have taken Chong into the ring for Best Fleece Sheep. That’s when I remembered how he had complimented Chong when he awarded him Best Ram, said he was a full package deal, well built, good shape, nice fleece. “He’s everything you want a great ram to be.” (mental face palm) All I could do was shake my head and say rookie mistake. I didn’t think my choice through. He was kind when he pointed out I brought the wrong sheep to the ring and we both laughed about it.


Becky Hammond and Maddie won best fleece sheep

Sunday was the goat show with Carol Ronan. She too took the time to educate everyone inside and outside the ring. I was very impressed when she said for all the presenters to stay on the backside of the animals even if she moved to that side so the audience could see the animals. She answered audience questions over the rail as we displayed our animals and a great time was had by all.


Maximus the Pygora Bucklingย 

All three does in the Pygora class were mine but Miss Diva was the best of the bunch and the judge said I was very lucky to have such a fine doe. She showed why each was different than the others and complimented each on their strengths.


When the call came for the best of show and the ring steward said “Grab your best goat” I considered my previous day’s mistake. Since I got it wrong the previous day with the sheep I was determined not to make the same mistake. As I grabbed Diva back out of the pen the judges called from the ringside “You picked the right one this time”. We all laughed as I made my way back into the ring.


Diva getting her fleece inspected.

The judge was very gracious and explained that although Diva was an excellent Pygora she would always be less than an Angora


Our first fiber animal show was a great success. ย It was a pleasure to share the ring with friends and I’m glad a good time was had by all.

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