Clyde has a new Farm :)

The time has come for Clyde to find a farm of his own. As my surgery looms closer and I downsize my flocks there is less work for dogs.

Clyde is a 2 year old and he really is our dream-dog. Reliable, faithful, and so very versatile, we know we can use him in any situation here on our farm.

He loves his babies, he’s fierce when he needs to be and so gentle the rest of the time. This big lug has so much love to give and he’s not shy about it.

I’m so proud of his work ethic and commitment to his keeping his yard safe. He always watches and is aware of all that goes on around him. I love to watch him work. Sometimes we question our decisions, as humans, as parents, as farmers, but every time I look at this dog I know “he gets it”.

He’s our tallest dog, and that’s saying something, I call him “My little pony” 🙂

Clyde is purebred, neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, well trained, socialized, and pretty obedient (which for an LGD is super important)

We look forward to watching him excel at his new farm.

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