What started out as a hobby has become so much more.

We are so glad you stopped by. My daughter and I are working as fast as we can and hope you will come back to see the changes we are making. There’s going to be a contest and things to buy and lots of pretty pictures. Sadly, there will be no Giraffe’s as I promised hubby that even I had a limit <grin>.

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  1. Connie Bingham says:

    Very beautiful pictures of your farm and animals also great descriptions! I am searching for a raw un-skirted fleece to use in a Fiber Arts demonstration here in Palmer the first week end in May. would you be willing to sell as un-skirted fleece and will you have any cormo fleeces available by that time?.
    Thanks, Connie

    1. I should be shearing later this month preparing for lambing. I may have an un-skirted fleece available. I will need to see what pre-orders I have by the time shearing rolls around.
      thanks for stopping by, Michelle

      1. Connie Bingham says:

        Thank you Michelle, I would be interested. If you do end up having an un-skirted fleece just drop me an email. I can pick it up as I live between Palmer and the Butte.


  2. Linda says:

    I’d be interested in a Spring fleece.
    Oh my, your new photo of your polypay fleece is gorgeous. Wish I lived closer so we could try your meat.

    1. Thank you Linda. You can pre-purchase spring fleece by contributing to our Kickstarter if you would like. I shear in April and will be shipping raw fleece.

  3. Glenda says:

    I would like to talk to you about chickens no a turkey .

    1. Glenda says:

      And a turkey

      1. Well Glenda I don’t have any turkeys this year. Depending on when you want a turkey I do have friends who raised them. I will have some next year but they take a while to grow out so I’m not sure of the timing. I can keep you posted.

        Chickens will be ready starting mid June. Let me know how many you would like and I will putt you on the list.

        Thank you.

  4. Johanna Crenshaw says:

    Hello, interested in purchasing some of your freshly packages chicken. Please send me a number where we may call you. Where are you located?

    1. Hi Johanna, you can reach me at 354-4184. Thank you

  5. Glenna says:

    Hi my name is Glenna, I live in Anchorage comma but I’m in Palmer right now and would like to swing by you’re awesome Ranch if that’s okay with you??…😊

    1. Hi Glenna, we take farm visits by appointment and are available most weekends.

  6. Jack McGuire says:

    Hello, My name is Jack McGuire. I was talking to a woman at the craft show in Palmer today. She told my wife LuAnne and me of the Maremma dogs today. It was very interesting the info as to the Maremma’s Dogs! The dogs sound like great guard and protection dogs for the animals on the farm. I am very interested in purchase! Please! Reply. Thank You! Jack McGuire(907)232-0911.

    1. Hi Jack,
      we would be glad to talk to you about our Maremmas. We have a litter of pups that just turned 4 weeks old today.

  7. Louise Coffey says:

    Good after noon

    I was doing a search yesterday and found that you recently had a litter of Maremmas puppies. I was looking to have a LGD shipped up from down south in the next few months. Our farm is at the point that not having a guardian dog to protect our animals will cost us money.

    So if you have an extra puppy that has not been spoken for yet, I would be interested in taking a look at your pup and speaking with you.

    Louise Coffey

    1. Hi Louise,
      We currently have 4 available. I’m available evenings and weekends. You can call me at 907-354-4184

  8. Paula says:

    I am looking at the dogs that you have (recently) available.i am very much interested! Thanks

    1. Hi Paula,
      You can reach me via email at TowerRanchAlaska@gmail.com or my cell 907-354-4184.
      Thank you,

  9. Michaele Hannam says:

    Kate from Coyote Fiber Mill In Fairbanks delivered two processed fleece in bumps to the fiber fair in July. The processed fleece are mine. I’ve been trying to locate who has it. If you took it my thanks.
    Michaele Hannam
    I live in Wasilla
    Thank you

    1. Yes Michaele, I have it. Sorry, between festival and fair and work I keep forgetting to message you. I was going to bring it to guild meeting but then I got sick so I stayed home. I’m in the Butte or work in Palmer. Call or text 354-4184 and we will coordinate getting this passed off to you.

  10. Ariane Marley says:

    Hey sorry I didnt see the post back in 2016. Do you still have Maremma puppies for sale.

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