Feisty Fuzzball

  I’m happy to report Woolley Nelson is feeling so much better he got moved back outside today.     The mud has solidified now that the temps are back down in the 20s, and the sun is bright and beautiful. Today is a great day to be living in Alaska. 

Mystery Afoot

Woolley Nelson went off his feed. We didn’t know why, and we are still investigating the cause but in the mean time we are working to help him feel better. Nelson is our gentle giant. He is the largest sheep we own, a little heavier than our ram Niko, but as gentle as a kitten….


Living in Alaska you hear many complaints about the dark and the cold. I don’t know if I’m wired different because I was born here or maybe I’m just weird, but I enjoy the dark and I don’t really mind the cold.     Sure there’s a few months where I only see my sheep by…

Unexpected Visitor

   Last week a hurricane-type storm blew through Alaska bringing 90 mph winds and a lot of rain, hail, sleet, & snow.  It also blew a whole lotta sea birds off course, scattering them all over the state.  People have been finding birds from Homer to Fairbanks and beyond.  Tonight we found one in the…

Fleece For Sale

For those that are asking here is the list of fleeces available to purchase.  Betty is a 3 year old Icelandic sheep with fleece that has cream under coat and an outter coat that varies from tan to light gray.  This is a very big, bulky fleece $40      Matilda is a 7 year old…