Mystery Afoot

IMG_9981Woolley Nelson went off his feed. We didn’t know why, and we are still investigating the cause but in the mean time we are working to help him feel better.

Nelson is our gentle giant. He is the largest sheep we own, a little heavier than our ram Niko, but as gentle as a kitten. I use him to keep the ram company when he’s separated from the ewes and to babysit the lambs when they are weaned from their mommas. He is heavy enough to push back against Niko but won’t push against the lambs so they always get enough to eat.


He’s got lovely wool that’s not too oily with great crimp and a long staple. Chris, aka VTKnitBoy bought most of his fleece last year and gave very favorable feedback. It’s not just me who thinks it’s dreamy 🙂

A couple days ago we noticed he was standing back at feeding time. He’s been laying down more than normal. When he stands he fidgets like his feet hurt. It’s been warmer than normal and every inch of the pasture is a muddy mucky mess. This means our poor sheep are muddy and mucky as well.


Tom and Karl made a quick pen in the barn so we could bring Nelson and Amanda both inside to dry out. Nelson wasted no time getting off his feet. Amanda stayed standing long enough to check out Tom’s handiwork. Amanda is another great companion sheep, very quiet and gentle.


Within minutes Amanda laid down next to Nelson. Nelson could reach the hay from his nesting spot and we put some hay down for Amanda. When last seen Nelson was chewing cud (which means he ate some of the alfalfa I put out earlier today) and Amanda was nosing through her hay to eat all the leaves first.

Hopefully once they dry out a little we can see if there is an issue with his feet or if the constant wet is just making them too soft and tender.

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