Sheep For Sale


Now that my knee replacements are scheduled we need to lighten the workload so we have decided to sell about 20 sheep.

Lambs (2).JPG

We have several wethers that have just been weaned, great for wool or meat. The dark ones are Dorper crosses and have very dense musculature. The white ones are slower growing but taste just as good.  Of course the genes are there for fantastic wool if that is your preference. Most will make awesome wool pets.


I need to count noses but I think I only have one ewe lamb still available but she has the genes to be a great mom and fantastic wool characteristics. All my ewes were twins this year 🙂


This year I’m parting with some of my breeding ewes as well. Most are Cormo crosses and all are experienced moms who are easy keepers and good producers. As you can see they are pretty friendly girls too.

Prices will vary by breed, age, and sex. We have proven rams available, each with exception wool quality and large carcass size.

Interested parties can contact us for more info as there are too many to list individually. Package deals and transportation assistance available.

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