Fall Colors

It was a beautiful night, the late day sun hi-lighted the mountain above our farm and all the trees with their amazing fall colors. Some people think farming in Alaska is hard. Sometimes it is, but on nights like this, it’s heaven on earth.

Fleece Checks and Sheep Suits

OH MY!!!! Getting my hands on the sheep and feeling the wonderful fleece is always such a treat but today I got the most amazing surprise. 68 has so much crimp! Just look at this stuff. I think I’m in love! 65 has some remarkably soft white fleece too Both Cormos have an amazing amount…

Hay Day

After a long hard¬†drought followed by unending rains Alaska hay farmers are left with less than half the crop they usually raise. This is causing quite the panic among Alaska livestock owners.¬†Today was a great day at Tower Ranch because we got all 6 huge round bales of hay that we need to make it…

It’s Magical

Stepping outside under clear skies with all the stars staring down and no moon in sight. The dogs are quiet and calm companions, the sheep a silent audience. The crunch of my footsteps on frozen grass is the only sound I hear. Looking up I can almost see the curve of the black ink sky….