Breakfast Buffet

we moved two more sets of twins outside this morning to enjoy breakfast in the sun.    I love looking at all these new babies and can’t wait to watch lamb races with this colorful crew. 

6 Boys- 1 Girl

5 sheep have lambed, 2 sets of twins, 5 more to go (I think). All in all, a nice lamb crop with splashes of color and very good genes.  First Crazypants wowed us with the only girl Primrose and her twin brother Percy.    Then Sally gave us Cow Boy   Next was Stuff and her…

It’s a Boy

Surprise surprise surprise! This little guy was waiting for us in a feed pan this morning.     We went out to feed as normal and saw there was a feed pan that has fallen out of the bunk, but when Tom went to grab the pan it had some weight to it. This little…

First lambs of 2016

Crazypants gave us boy/girl twins.   These lambs are Cormo/Romney-Ramboulliet. Both look healthy and are eating good.   

Got Milk?

We are udderly concerned that Crazypants hasn’t lambed yet     Her udder is big enough to make a milk cow a little jealous    Soon there will be a wee lamb or two to help her with that. Poor momma. 

Play Time

Our bottle babies are growing up.¬†Click here to see lambs run and play