6 Boys- 1 Girl

5 sheep have lambed, 2 sets of twins, 5 more to go (I think). All in all, a nice lamb crop with splashes of color and very good genes. 

First Crazypants wowed us with the only girl Primrose and her twin brother Percy.   
Then Sally gave us Cow Boy 

 Next was Stuff and her twin boys. My hysterically funny friend Lauren thinks the spotted one should be Moo and I was laughing too hard to hear the suggestion for the little white one. I’m sure she will remind me as soon as she sees this.  

 Next came Bridget and her single ram. He’s struggling a little but we are working with him.  

 And today Missy gave us our first purebred Cormo ram of the season. He’s big and beautiful in spite of the dirty smudges. They will dust off when he dries.  

 For those wondering about Princess and Duchess, they are keeping company with the mommas and babies in the Nursery.  


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