It’s a Boy

Surprise surprise surprise! This little guy was waiting for us in a feed pan this morning.  

We went out to feed as normal and saw there was a feed pan that has fallen out of the bunk, but when Tom went to grab the pan it had some weight to it. This little guy had somehow gotten into the feed bunk, which is a little over 2 feet off the ground, and then rode a feed pan out the other side. We didn’t think his mommy looked quite ready yet so she was still out in the ewe pen. 

Sally is a super friendly sheep but not a willing mom so she and her new babe are tucked into a jug and her head is tied so that she can reach food and water but cannot run away from him as he tries to nurse. He had a full belly when we finished chores so I know he’s got the basics figured out. 

Sally behaved this way last year too but after being tied about 2-3 days she relented and raised our biggest lamb of 2015. 

Happy Tuesday!

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