2021 Fleece For Sale

The fair is over and we would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who works so hard to make it all come together.

Here are the fleeces from this year’s fair. We may add more to this list, but this is what I have labeled and photographed 😊

#1 – Groot – SOLD

Rich dark color all the way through. Classic Corriedale crimp. Strong fiber with lots of luster and shine. Super hard to photograph.

#2 – Niko – SOLD

Classic Cormo. Super fine, tight crimp, bright white, and amazing luster.

#3 – Piper – $50

Rambouillet X Columbia/Hampshire Down. This ewe has a uniform fleece with good crimp and planter of luster. She was coated but shearing wasn’t until after breakup so there is a little mud on the tips.

#4 – Woolly Nelson – $40

Columbia/Hampshire Down. One of my favorite sheep and he grows a great fleece. Airy and fluffy with good amount of shine. Strong yet soft.

#5 – Shirley – $30

Rambouillet X Cormo/Icelandic. Shirley was not coated so there is some VM in this one. Nice fiber, good crimp, decent staple length. After a little cleaning this will spin up great.

#6 – Richter $60

Romney Ram. I LOVE THIS FLEECE. Soft and dreamy, this fleece has it all. It’s fine, crimpy, soft, and luscious.

#7 – Chunky Monkey – SOLD

Cormo/Suffolk ewe. 3” staple, clean, coated fleece. This fleece is soft with good crimp. Soft beige in color.

#8 – Laverne – $30

Rambouillet/Romney ewe. Uncoated but still a great fleece. 4” staple, good crimp, bright white, it just needs a little extra work.

#9 – Gwennie – $30

Cormo/Icelandic ewe. This is a big fluffy fleece with a nearly 6” staple. This is a dual coat with properties from both. The undercoat has more Cormo properties, both softness and shine. The outer coat is strong and cleans up beautifully.

#10 – Lil Boy Black – $30

Rambouillet X Columbia/Hampshire Down ram. Uncoated. Light airy fleece will need some extra cleaning but then it will spin up great. Over 3” staple.

#11 – Tommy Chong – SOLD

Rambouillet ram. This fleece is amazing. It’s bright white and super fine, tight crimp.

#12 – Bella – $50

Corriedale X Cormo/Polypay ewe. This is a delightful fleece. It was coated so it’s clean. The Corriedale crimp and staple length are strong in this one. This is a bright shiny fleece that is not yellow like the picture appears.

#13 – Felony Melanie – SOLD

Rambouillet/Romney ewe. Fine and crimpy. Washes up bright white.

#14 – Starlord – SOLD

Corriedale/Rambouillet wether. This fleece is AMAZING. best of show says it all. The color, the crimp, the sheen, it’s delightful.

#15 – Jingles – SOLD

Corriedale X Cormo/Polypay wether. Judges Choice. Corriedale crimp, sheen, over 4” staple length and its clean clean clean!!!

#16 – Duchess – $40

Columbia/Hampshire Down ewe. This fleece has lanolin but is still perfect for spinning in the grease. Good staple length, light and fluffy, good crimp. Coated and very clean.

#17 – Stuff – $40

Dorper (yep a Dorper) This fleece has great luster and crimp. 3” staple, durable for outerwear. It’s mostly white tho she does have 2 brown spots.

#18 – Perdita – SOLD

Cormo/Dorper ewe. This ewe covered in spots giving her the most marvelously marbled fleece. It has the Cormo traits – super fine and crimpy – with some amazing coloration.

#19 – CrazyPants – Keeping for myself

I don’t keep much fleece but the color of this ewe is just amazing and it’s spins up so very nice.

#20 – STELLA! – SOLD

Corriedale/Cormo/Polypay ewe. And yes you have to say her name with gusto! This little lady is such a talker!! The Corriedale genetics have really improved my fleeces. The staple length, the crimp, the softness.

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