Fresh Broiler Chickens

We processed a batch of birds yesterday and boy do they look good.    We feed local feed stuffs and offer them spacious accommodations and they grow into some delicious dinner options.   $3.50 per pound us $5 processing fee. Email your order to   

LGDs Not Just A Guardian

Our Maremmas are Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs). They don’t herd, they guard, or as my brilliant friend Tara says, they are the body guards, not the events planner. While it’s true they are the muscle, there is more to keeping flocks safe than merely chasing predators away. They are also empaths and will tell their…

Meet Flute

Our first Border Collie arrived today from Delta. Thank you Catherine we are so happy to have this little guy.   

Alaska Grown Lamb

SOLD OUT Pasture raised lamb grown right here in Palmer, Alaska using locally grown hay and grains. We support our local farmers by buying Alaska Grown hay and grain rather than getting feeds that are brought up from the lower 48. We also feed spent grains from the local breweries, a centuries old feed method…

Chickie Love

   Given how much I love babies, it seems fitting that the first chick of the season would bust out of it’s shell on Valentine’s Day.  Three more appear to be vying for second place. The pips in their shells move as the chick shifts around for a better angle to zip it’s shell open….