the pups are 4 weeks old and getting around really well.    They keep us from getting around much at all.              It now takes all 3 of us (2 humans and Mia) to wrangle these busy little bodies. Even then, I’m not sure who’s winning πŸ™‚

Fruits of Our Labor

Niko produced a super impressive fleece again this year.      Nelson looked good as well    Mocha was a wonderful surprise    So far it’s been a great fair. Can’t wait to see how the wool scores while it’s still on the sheep 😎  

We Need Names

Mocha and her twins are off to the fair. BUT the boys don’t have names yet. We need names by Wednesday no pressure.      


It’s true what they say, chickens are the gateway drug to farming. But, don’t be fooled into thinking you will move on to other things. No. Chickens are an addiction that’s hard to kick. There will always be that cute one, or the super friendly one, or the one that’s so homely you just gotta…

Double Feature

  The puppies are walking and barking today. They growl a little too. Now that they found vocal cords they are exploring all their sounds  Walking 1 Walking 2 They are also “chasing” mom. Poor girl won’t be able to out run them much longer    Drive thru dining.    

Daily Dose Of Cute

   They’re so cute when they are asleep πŸ™‚ When they are awake they are On the move

Annnd We’re Walking

   Two weeks old and the pups are starting to walk and recognize their surroundings.  Puppy video


Have I ever mentioned how much I love my natural colors?     

I’m Off To The Fair

Ok, Maybe not just yet. I’m doing the final skirting of the fleeces. I’m blown away by the size of Niko’s fleece. It takes up my whole living room.     Not only is it huge, it’s long and lusterous throughout. This guy is consistently amazing.     I hope the judges like it as much…

I Spy

The pups are growing so fast. They will be up and running in no time.    I remember when one would easily fit in the palm of my hand.  So far they spend most of their time sleeping and eating with just a little squirmy crawling but next week we will be trying to catch…