It’s true what they say, chickens are the gateway drug to farming. But, don’t be fooled into thinking you will move on to other things. No. Chickens are an addiction that’s hard to kick.

There will always be that cute one, or the super friendly one, or the one that’s so homely you just gotta love her.

 Tower Ranch usually has about 100 birds or more (sometimes MANY more). We have the laying flock, the meat flock, the future layers, the meat chicks, and of course, the turkeys.


Tonight we sent a little flock of Icelandic chickens to their new home in Klawock, Alaska. I get a kick out of the air freight agents who are charmed, but not surprised, about live cargo. They are always super conscientious about the birds and take excellent care. I’m going to miss these beauties but I’ll be hatching some more Icies in the spring.

The newly vacated chicken tractor already has new occupants. The juvenile layers have graduated to the great outdoors where they can learn the fine art of scratching, pecking, and foraging before joining the main flock.  I feel it’s good to toughen them up before subjecting them to hen-pecking biddies in the big girl coop.


This weekend we will move the meat chicks to the big-kid brooder to make room for the next batch of chicken nuggets. It’s a bit of juggling but worth it. My pets make me breakfast 😉

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