Fleece For Sale

For those that are asking here is the list of fleeces available to purchase. 

Betty is a 3 year old Icelandic sheep with fleece that has cream under coat and an outter coat that varies from tan to light gray.  This is a very big, bulky fleece $40 

Matilda is a 7 year old Icelandic sheep whose fleece has a rich chocolate undercoat. The outer coat has some weathering of the tips. $30 

Katherine is a Cormo Sheep with good crimp and nice staple length. Coated for most of the year, there is dirt at the tips but minimal VM, loads of crimp and it washes up beautifully $40 

 Missy is another fine fleeced Cormo sheep. This fleece has lots of crimp. There is some dirt at the tips but very little VM, and it cleans up beautifully. $40 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lori Martin says:

    How much is shipping on missy’s fleece to 37865?

    I know I shouldn’t but it looks so pretty….

    1. It fits in a flat rate box if I vaccuum pack it. Or I can check on parcel post tomorrow.

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