Unexpected Visitor

Last week a hurricane-type storm blew through Alaska bringing 90 mph winds and a lot of rain, hail, sleet, & snow.  It also blew a whole lotta sea birds off course, scattering them all over the state. 

People have been finding birds from Homer to Fairbanks and beyond.  Tonight we found one in the sheep pen, well Mia found it actually, and let us know all about it. 

Livestock guardians react to anything and everything “out of the ordinary”. Moose, bears, fox, dragonflies, anything that isn’t normal. 

Tonight, Mia was barking like crazy. Fussin in the bushes, fit to be tied. We finished our chores and hiked out to see what the drama was. Lo-and-behold it was a wayward sea bird. 

As soon as we had the bird in our possession Mia left off barking and politely escorted us to the pasture gate. We grabbed an airline kennel from the shed and tucked our new friend in for the night. Tomorrow Tom will take the bird to Anchorage and drop it off for rehab/release. 

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  1. Kathy says:

    Good job, Mia!!! And thank you Tower Ranch for taking care of our wildlife! ❤

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