Fire Sale

As some of you know, our home burned down last September. While everyone survived the home was a total loss. All my fleeces had come home from the fair and were waiting to be sold when 46,000 gallons of water was poured into my home to combat the blaze.

Long story short, the fleeces didn’t burn, I have amazing friends who came and rescued them, and only a few got wet.

The fleeces were rinsed if necessary and laid out to dry and then bagged up for winter storage. There are a few that smell a little Smokey, some that smell a little musty, and others that seem to have suffered no ill effects.

Some of the labels got lost or were too wet to read so a few of these I’ll be guessing about which sheep they came off of but since all my fleeces are fabulous I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


2 year old Rambouillet/Cormo wether. He was coated but this fleece got wet. It has a little musty smell but it washed out with just a bit of Dawn. Over 3″ staple, string and crimpy, washes out to a bright white. $30 for this fleece

Betty – SOLD

Betty is a 6 yr old Icelandic with great staple length. Her fleece will not tolerate a coat so there is some vm. Her undercoat is soft and crimpy. She didn’t get wet and I don’t really smell smoke either. She produces a thick heavy fleece. $40

Latte – SOLD

Rambouillet ewe is super fine and crimpy. It’s a shorter staple length and color varies from deep mocha to grey. This fleece is $40


Duchess is a Columbia/Hampshire Down cross who was coated all year. This fleece is typical of a downy breed with wide open crimp and is a medium-fine grade. The staple length is over 3″ and it washes out nearly white. $50

Melanie – SOLD

Mel is a Romney/Cormo cross. This fleece was coated, no vm, 3″ staple, good crimp, is pretty fine, and washes out to a bright white. $40


This fleece took some water. He was coated so he’s free of vm but he is cotted from the wash and dry process. He’s a smaller sheep so this is not a huge fleece. The cotting means you have to pull the locks apart but it doesn’t seem to be breaking and washes up pretty good. Cormo cross means good crimp, nice white, a pretty fine fleece. $30

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  1. Rachel Price says:

    Hey Michelle. I would like to purchase Betty’s fleece and Melanie’s fleece, if they are still abailable.

    Rachel Price 😄

    1. They are yours! Thanks!

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