Tarn finally got around to delivering her puppies :0) img_6515

We thought the x-ray showed 11 little aliens in Tarn’s belly, last night she delivered 10 puppies, sadly one was stillborn. This morning we have 4 males and 5 female puppies, with healthy appetites and even healthier lungs.

It was a long night, but lucky ffullsizerender-2or me the barn has heat and I have a comfy chair. I let my audio book play and helped her when she needed it. For the most part she could have done it all herself but that 4th boy was breach and had a little trouble coming out. She is a fantastic momma and is very attentive to her babies.

Rocco did his duty as a good dad and slept quietly in the corner by the dog door, close enough to keep an eye on us but far enough away so that Tarn didn’t feel threatened by his presence.

He was respectful enough not to snore too loudly and didn’t cause a fuss about any of the noises and smells that were coming from the whelping pen.



Tarn finished up just in time for me to feed the sheep their breakfast. The lambs and Woolly Nelson were all waiting too get ear scratches and a fresh load of hay.img_6520

















The ewes were a little more forward about ordering breakfast. Sally and Stuff can’t seem to keep their feet off the breakfast table, or out of the manger.

I love looking at all this coated fleece! This is going to be a great year for our wool buyers.img_6526img_6524

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  1. Kathy says:

    What a wonderful life!

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