5 Weeks Old

Momma Mia is enjoying having her pups outside and playing with them in the sunshine. 

Link to video

The pups are growing fast and some personalities are starting to emerge. 

Chewbacca is always happy to see us. Jabba eats and sleeps, in that order. Luke will always twine between your feet and try to trip you up. 

There’s always at least one sleeping in or on the food bowl. 

Mia surprised us by allowing the kids to nurse. I think she knows it takes the weight off her belly so she can run with Al. 

I love watching them and every day they grow stronger and more adventurous. 

They are using the doggy door like champs and it’s so fun to see them crowd and tumble through the opening, spilling into the yard. 

Our walks outside are getting longer as they are getting stronger. Pretty soon they will be running and we will be the ones struggling to keep up. 

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