New Sheep

Nothing speeds a recovery like new furry friends to cuddle. Last weekend I was in the hospital and this weekend I’m welcoming new sheep. I love my life.

Jolene is a Cormo that originally came from the same flock as Missy, Katherine, Nellie and Cocoa. She is a petite little girl with gorgeous fleece and big doey eyes.

Nelson is a nice big wether (fixed male) and he has the lightest, fluffiest fleece. I just love the feel of it, light and springing. His face has charm and character and I know I’m going to love having him around.

Sadly, we didn’t get home and unloaded until after dark but first thing in the morning I promise to get some pictures.

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I always wished I was raised in a barn.
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One Response to New Sheep

  1. De says:

    Love these photos – JoJo and Nelson are definitely in a good place. Thank you for loving them!

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