Weekend in Review

I just got home from 3 amazing days of fiber, friends, and fun. I needed that. I’ve been so busy with fundraising for the ranch expansion, teenager’s football ( and new football injury) plus regular farm chores that, to quote Bilbo, I began feeling like “butter that’s been scraped over too much bread.”

Friday started bright and early, in the barn before the sun was up, and then back inside to send hubby off to work and the kid off to school. That’s when the fun really began. I tossed some clothes in a bag and packed my spinning wheel, some fleece, knitting supplies, and a few other accessories into the car. I popped over to a neighbors and loaded her and her gear and then we were off to fiber retreat.

Picture a beautiful lakeside bible camp, stuffed to capacity with ladies of all ages, spinning wheels of every make and model, and mountains of every kind of fluffy woolly stuff a person can spin. There was sheep, goat, alpaca, dog, bear (black and grizzly), yak, camel, hemp, bamboo. You think you can spin it, somebody had some to try.  And every color of the rainbow too.

And now back to life on the ranch with a deep appreciation for all the special people who share this crazy corner of the world with us.

50% Yak 50% Merino
50% Yak 50% Merino



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