Fall Chores

It’s been rainy for weeks but today we have a lovely clear day. Time to finish things up before it gets too cold outside.

It was time to rinse and dry the fleece I had set out to soak. The salt and sweat mix with water and make soap and act like a pre-wash. I lay it out in manageable amounts to rinse with the hose. Then I let it drip for about 10 minutes before moving it to the drying rack

The drying rack is a length of fence draped over buckets in the back yard. The sun isn’t hot but warm enough for some of the moisture to evaporate.

While I waited for the rinsed fleece to drip I was working on raking topsoil into the damaged areas of the lawn. Heavy equipment left ruts in the lawn that I had filled with compost. The topsoil will provide a bed for grass seeds

Tom was putting to roof on the ram shelter. This will be Niko’s new quarters. We will put another next to it for additional hay storage.

We put a gravel pad under the shelters which will let snow melt soak in to help ensure sheep will have dry feet during breakup.

Anastasia helped supervise the construction. She’s such a big help 😉


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