Fleece for Sale

Now that both the Mat-Su Valley Fiber Festival and the Alaska State Fair are over I can part with all this yummy fleece.  If you had your eyes on something earlier this year please don’t be shy, REMIND ME, because my brain cell is not always the best at remembering things 😉

I’ve included the judges comments for your information.


Bert is clean and crimpy. He washed up to a fine bright white.







Niko is a very fine bright white fleece. Not too greasy and very clean. This is exactly why I coat my sheep.









Perdita is sold


Perdita looks like a white sheep with black spots, however, when we sheared her we found out she is covered in spots! This gives her some solid brown fleece and some “white” which is actually marbled brown and white.  The lock structure would allow for separation before processing.img_1084.jpg

Tommy Chong is sold




It appears the vm is debris that got on the fleece from the shearing floor. This sheep was coated.




There are some areas that have heavier lanolin and appear more yellowed which is (I think) what the judge would have preferred been skirted out. In my experience it washes out.img_1091.jpgIMG_1092.JPG


Duchess has a low lanolin content that gives her fleece a light feel. If you like to spin with a little grease you could spin this raw.




Missy is pure Cormo, bright white and tightly crimped.



Princess won the Best White Fleece at the Mat-Su Valley Fiber Festival.

She is another Columbia/Hampshire Down cross who’s fleece feels light and ready to spin, even in the raw 😉






Bertha was also coated so the vm is debris from the shearing floor.









There is just 1 # left



I’m not gonna lie. These dark colors are so hard to photograph.

Mocha looks chocolate on the outside and is pretty nice dark grey with silver threads throughout.




Latte is Sold

IMG_1101Kind of like a Silverbacked Gorilla, Latte has both dark and lighter shades of grey. They are both lovely, fine and crimpy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenness Ellett-Burns says:

    I’d love to get Perditas fleece. I need to stop by and pay the Suffolk fleece too now that colds, fairs, and floods are over. ….Jenness

    1. Hi Jenness, Perdita sold pretty fast but I will look and see if I have another bi-colored fleece for you.

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