Welcome Home

Tower Ranch is pleased to present our new ram, Sonny. IMG_3758In an effort to improve the award winning fleece we produce we have selected a registered Merino produced by Dr. Holland at Knik River Veterinary Services using artificial insemination. Sonny is the progeny of Dr. Holland’s registered Merino ewe and one of Australia’s leading superfine/ultrafine Merino studs. We are looking forward to crossing this guy with our purebred Cormo ewes which should produce extremely bright fleeces with a high number of crimps per inch.  IMG_3731

Sonny wasn’t sure about the dogs at first but they were sure about him 🙂 He was pretty calm for a 5 month old lamb who has never been around big white dogs. Lots of new smells and sounds and still he just stood quietly and let the dogs look him over. He even let us put his coat on to protect his wool. I’m really pleased with his calm behavior.



Mia approves but I think Al has a new BFF


I’m super excited to watch this young guy grow so stay tuned, I’m sure you will be seeing more of him.

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