Farm Pics

It’s been busy around here. Puppies, lambs, and chicks abound. And a kid too 🙂



Einstein has warmed up to human interaction and is quite the charmer. Fleece quality seems to be excellent as well.

IMG_9311 (2)Is it just me or does Maximus, our Pygora orphan, resemble a gremlin?


This little bundle has so much attitude, he is simply adorable when he struts his stuff 🙂


Smiley aka Francis aka Frank is not bothered by his plethora of names, he’s willing to follow his humans anywhere and everywhere he can.


While on our stroll he stopped to greet his chicken friends.


The meat chicks, Freedom Rangers, got their door open for the first time this spring and a few brave souls even ventured outside today.


Francis and Max stick together and follow us everywhere, they are cute, and sometimes very vocal, little tripping hazards. Little Max is smaller than any of our lambs.  Pygoras are a pygmy breed, which are miniature goats, so that is to be expected.


You can see in the group shot how tiny Max is, but his attitude is larger than life.


Sheep react to sun much the same as cats, the boys are all snoozing happily after grazing their way through the morning.


Mommas and babies are turned out for an afternoon graze. There are small hints of green starting to show in the dead brown grass. I love seeing them out in the field.


Beauty seems to have found something fascinating in a hole the dogs made.


Here comes trouble. Goats are still nearly impossible to keep penned so they are out in the pasture 24/7 whether I wish them to be or not. Fortunately they take no crap from mischievous pups. If Clyde decides to chase and Mia doesn’t see it, the threat of a headbutt will stop him in his tracks and back him right up.


We take the boys out to graze, they think they are human so they just follow us around. Hopefully once the green grass starts to come through they will be more interested.


Al still loves to watch “his” chickens. Max is unimpressed with them 🙂


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