For Sale

Clyde is a purebred Maremma Sheepdog who is currently unemployed now that we have opted to keep his sister. This big love bug has been working with sheep, goats and poultry in a 3 acre pasture with his grandparents who are training him right. Unfortunately both pups are at an age where we have to keep him in jail (25′ X 25′ kennel) to prevent unauthorized breedings which really isn’t fair to him so we are offering him for sale to a good home. 

His parents and grandparents all have awesome pedigrees and they all work here on our farm.  He’s a gorgeous pup who should grow into an amazing guardian. He was born right before Halloween, he’s current on all his shots and he’s a super easy keeper. 

He still needs a little finish work and consistant parenting to get through his teenage years. But once that work is done you will have an amazing partner tending your flocks. All for only $800. 

Message us at for more information. 

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