Lambs 8 & 9

We have been so very busy here I haven’t had time to write. 

Saturday morning brought 2 new lambs. Both of the ewes who were jugged in the barn finally let go, at the same time. 

Betty gave us a colorful little Icelandic ram. His spots look like stars so we have dubbed him Orion. Betty is a terrific mom and this little guy is thriving. 

Sally presented us with a handsome black ram, who is yet to be named.  

On Saturday Sally wouldn’t stand for him to nurse. She would push him away and try to kick at him. So we tied her to the hitching post and held her still so he could eat. Every 3-4 hours. 

Sunday we gave her a little slack in her rope but held a hand on her hip. That was all it took for her to stand still. 

Monday we gave her enough slack to eat and drink while he nursed. She didn’t dance away from him while we were there. 

Today, Tuesday, we went to feed dinner and he seemed to have already eaten. We will keep a close eye to be sure he is getting enough but it looks like they might have come to an agreement about the whole nursing thing. 

I love my barn but I’m excited to not have to run out there every 4 hours. It’s exhausting. 

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  1. Lori says:

    I think the 2nd lamb should be named Ranger, since he has a silver star on his butt….

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