Spring-loaded Lambs

It was time (or past time) to move Matilda. Jolene, and the associated twins out into the yard. Arthur, Audrey, Hansel, and Gretel all got their first taste of the big wide world. Naturally, putting all 7 white lambs in one pen caused chaos as all the moms seemed to forget which bouncing bits of white fluff were their own. All the lambs were excited about having new friends and a bigger space to bounce around in, even if it meant there were too many moms to choose from. 

Matilda took a minute to feed Hansel and Gretel (love the little tails wagging) before reminding Rocco that he needs to keep his distance from her and her lambs.

Hansel got so excited he just couldn’t stop romping. Fresh air and sunshine can do that to a lamb 🙂 

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