Mothers Day is a day when I get to do whatever I want. Which makes it pretty much like every other day of the year.  It starts out with coffee, sunshine, and a book. Then there are sheep and dogs and a John Deere. How could life get better than that?

7 lambs and 4 mommas dig in to breakfast. It was sunny and warm by 9 am and the wind had taken a break so I got some early mowing in. 

We made a run to the hardware store, then mowed a little more before meeting my mom and daughter for the new Avengers movie. We took mom to dinner too and had great fun plotting the next two or three movies in the series 😉

The day ended back in the barn where we finally picked a name for our last little guy. He will be Zed. 

For a little guy who’s momma didn’t like him at first this dude sure is heavy now. Momma Sally has been keeping him well fed and he’s growing like a weed. 

I am so lucky to be able to spend Mother’s Day surrounded by a flock of woolly mommas and their equally woolly babies!

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