Finally, A Lamb

Tom Petty sang “Way-ai-ting IS the hardest part”. Well that, and, leaving the barn once I see a new face.

Newborn Cormo ram lamb
Newborn Cormo ram lamb

Wednesday nights at our house is game night. Not family game night, but online game night. You see we have friends in other parts of the country and we keep in touch by playing games with them. Online. Sometimes we all play the same game, sometimes we are each off in our own little realm, but it’s our habit and we enjoy it immensely.

A typical game night consists of chores being done at lightening speed, dinner that is either take out or something we can prepare quick and easy. and then everyone logs on and the fun begins. Typically. tonight was different.

When I got home from work our son was outside working in the pasture. Tom was coming out of the house on his way to do chores without waiting for me. I went in to change and got a cute text. “I need help counting noses”.

With a smile on my face I stepped into my barn boots and headed out the door. The dogs must have known something was up even though they were locked out of the barn and didn’t get to see the new lamb, they didn’t pester me for attention just led the way to the barn.

Missy is a happy momma and “Finally” looks great. He seems healthy and hungry, he’s nursing like a champ. We moved him and Missy into an empty jug so they could have some quality time. Momma got some extra food but still made sure he got a chance to nurse. She’s going to be a great momma.

I always struggle with names. For now, I’m calling him Finally, until he tells me it should be something different.

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