Two More

Jolene gave us tiny twins on Thursday (I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to writing about them). Another boy/girl pair that I refer to as Audrey and Arthur.

Newborn Cormo lambs
Newborn Cormo lambs

At some point I will get better pictures, it’s been pleasantly busy around here lately. Jolene is our smallest Cormo ewe, and these are our smallest twins. By far.

We are supplementing them with lamb formula and giving mom lots of extra food so that she can make plenty of milk for these little bundles of fluff. It takes a whole lotta calories to feed twins, and Jolene needs to recover too.

Ewes who are overweight have a lower chance to conceive and experience more issues with pregnancy and delivery. It takes a huge calorie load to make baby lambs though so the trick is to find the balance. And plan for recovery.

I must admit, I do love that I get to sit in my chair with a lamb on my lap, even though it takes a large amount of time, several times per day. They are so sweet and so cute and I’m enjoying the close contact with them. Jolene has learned the routine and knows I will give them back so she is relaxing about it too.

Happy Easter, if you need me I’ll be in the barn 🙂

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