No Lambs. Yet.

And still, we wait… As of this evening, all the ewes still have big bellies and great appetites. Missy, Jolene, and Matilda are XXL blimps but so far none of them are off their feed. I keep hoping for new noses to count and the twins need extra playmates to zoom around with.

Fluff and Stuff
8 month old Dorper lambs

In the meantime, I’m entertained by Fluff and Stuff, our 8 month old Dorper ewe lambs. These girls are just like my Labrador. They are super friendly, love pets, and will do just about anything for food.

I have 5 sheep loose in the pasture, not in the maternity ward, lamb pen, or ram pen. All 5 are pretty friendly but these adorable little girls come running when they hear us at the gate.

Little Miss Fluff
Little Miss Fluff

Over the winter we have toyed around with different names for these girls, we brought them home last October, but so far nothing has stuck. I usually call them Punkin and Sweetpea, or The Littles, even Mutt and Jeff. Nothing really seemed to fit until my husband started referring to them as Fluff and Stuff.

They are always right together so we generally refer to them as one unit. One is a little more vociferous, one is a little more energetic, but to be perfectly honest I can’t tell you which one is either of those things. Now that they have names I can pin a behavior to an individual lamb.

This is Stuff

Some of our adult sheep have ear tags, with numbers identifying who is who, and our little lambs will get tags for tracking/record keeping purposes. But numbers are just so impersonal. Totally insufficient for lambs with so much personality. 

Now I just have to decide, do they each get their own page on the website or should it be a combo page?

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