A Typical Evening

It could have been an ordinary Thursday at Tower Ranch. There were chores to be done, animals to feed, and dinner to cook. But there was also lambs to play with. But first, the girls wanted my attention.

Today was the day that we decided to put the lambs outside, with their mother of course. We had to modify the back pen with chicken wire so the lambs can’t escape and Rocco can’t break in. Rocco is a really really good dog but he’s only 8 months old and I cannot expect him to stand idly by while lambs romp and play. He’s still a playful pup himself and might get a little too exuberant. So for now, there is fencing between him and the lambs unless he’s under close supervision.

Little lambs are zoomie, and they bounce, and then they zing around some more. These two were enjoying the bigger space but were still keeping pretty close to momma.

Tom and I moved our lawn chairs to the lamb pen to sit and watch their crazy antics.

One of these days I will get a real video camera. Until then please forgive my iphone videos but I just had to share.

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