Lamb Watch

This year we took a leap and tried artificial insemination. We bought genetics from Uk and New Zealand and used them on our 4 best ewes. These girls are due around Christmas but I wanted to keep a closer eye on them so they are in the barn under surveillance 🙂

I might be jumping the gun a little but I’m so excited about these babies I don’t want to risk any of them being born outdoors in our cold winter weather.

Latte has had twins before although he last lamb was a single. She was dosed with both Corriedale and Romney.

Amanda got some Wensleydale from UK and we are so excited to have another longwool to fuss over (fingers crossed for a girl)

Bridget received some Romney from New Zealand.

Dear sweet Alice has some Corriedale from New Zealand.

This has been an interesting process. I’ve learned a lot and hope to be able to do some more insemination. Our gene pool is shallow in Alaska. This is an excellent way to add quality to a flock.

Get ready for lots of updates about what isn’t happening – these girls really should have at least 10 days to go – But the new cameras let me spy on them with better resolution than I’ve had before so now I can watch them do nothing in utter clarity. 😂

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