Where does the time go?

IMG_3599[1]It’s hard for me to believe summer is waning towards fall. I already dropped off exhibits for the fair and I’m contemplating which sheep to take and show as well. A sure sign that summer is almost over.

I honestly can’t remember being this busy for the whole entire season before. Since the first of May; one son got married, the other son graduated from high school, we hatched chicks, we threw together a float for Colony Days, we were short-handed at work so I worked a bit extra, my cousin made an unexpected (and long overdue) visit, we kept up with the farm, we mowed and mowed again, we worked on some home restoration projects, we collected about 150 dozen eggs, we raised another batch of meat birds, built a ram pasture, got new turkeys, we picked up our new farm truck (and gave her some good test drives 🙂 ), we hung a camera in the barn to watch for lambs, and we waited, and waited, and waited… and then we had lambs, 6 lambs over a 2 week period,  we did a quick turn-n-burn to Sacramento for family, we stacked hay in 80* heat (that’s like 110 for us) we converted a disinterested first time momma sheep into a good attentive momma (took 10 days of intense hands-on supervision but well worth it), we set up and pulled off a fantastic fiber festival (with the help of our family and great committee members of course) We took a day off, we sheared our Teeswater (one lock at a time, with scissors) we prepped 4 ewes for artificial insemination!!! We experienced a computer virus at work (which had us breaking out the typewriters and doing things by hand) We watched my sister-in-law win her primary race for County Treasurer (Go Jackie!) we painted wine glasses (date night) and we dropped sheep for the actual AI procedure. We prepped and delivered all our entries into the fair.  Now we are nursing a sick old dog while we watch for impending puppies.

Whew, no wonder I’m tired. That is a looooong list, and a lot of really great memories. I’m so very happy I get to do all the things I do and my dear husband does them all right along side me.

I’ll go into some things in greater detail soon, but for now I’m off to check the puppy cam and head for bed.


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