Bloo Cat

There are many theories about barn cats. Some say that it’s abuse to leave a cat in a barn but they don’t know me and they haven’t seen how much love this cat gets.

We adopted this guy after he had been abandoned with his siblings in a rural area. He was young and beautiful and very very sharp. Mentally and physically sharp.

At a mere 6 or 7 weeks old he figured out (within minutes) how to scale this fence to follow me around. Then he went back in to get a toy and brought it out to play. He was a feral kitten who bit and clawed not because he was mean, but because he didn’t understand that’s not how you show affection. He’s still pretty sharp but now he pulls his claws in. Sometimes 😁

We had to have a kitten for the barn because the LIvestock Guardian Dogs will not allow an adult cat, a predator, into their sphere. They have raised Bloo and he is one of “them” so he’s allowed to be there. Heck, he patrols the fence line with the dogs and responds, in his way, when the alarm is sounded. Heaven help anyone or anything that tries to hurt “their” cat.

Bloo comes out in all kinds of weather. He roams through all the pens, lives and plays with the dogs, sometimes even hitching a ride by clinging to their fur coats as the race by.

He is an amazing hunter and a vital part of our team. I didn’t know my barn could be completely rodent free but it is. He never bothers the chicks or chickens and even though he hunts we still provide healthy cat food for him. He’s fully vetted, up to date on shots and deworming, he’s microchipped and neutered because that’s the responsible thing to do. He even has a collar with my phone number embroidered onto it just in case he wanders, or hitched a ride in a car πŸ™„

He’s fearless but very loving. He will actually grab you or stand up to be lifted, much like a human toddler does, if you don’t stop to give him love before the chores start. He does tend to use his claws when he hugs because he doesn’t want you to put him down. We are careful to wear extra layers and keep the gloves on when we handle him. I’m not sure how that’s going to work once it’s t-shirt weather, maybe falconer gloves or Kevlar shoulder pads πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He’s ridiculous, and beautiful, and I love him and all his wicked antics.

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