It’s Twins!!!

Billy is in the front and Bridget is upper right
Billy is in the front and Bridget is upper right

Nellie gave us twins today. I came home from work to these adorable little bouncy babies. The little boy was zooming all around so my son dubbed him Bouncing Billy.

I promised my friend the first girl would be named Bridget so Bridget she shall be. She has the cutest markings on her face.


Bridget also has chocolate tips on her ears.  I’m hoping they darken up a little as she grows.

Brigett ears
Bridget has chocolate tips on her ears

She also has a couple polka dots on her back and sides too which may or may not stay. It would be fun to have one sheep that has a little bit of color variations.

Billy has very light tips on his ears. So far the rest of him looks to be all white.

These kids are a mix of Polypay, Cormo and Suffolk so they should have some nice wool when they grow up.

Billy's Ears
Billy’s Ears

Both lambs and momma are doing great so far. They have a private pen in the barn with all the other pregnant mommas nearby, waiting their turn in the lambing jug.

Al meets billy
Al meets billy

Nellie let Al get close enough to meet her new lambs. He was so curious about who was making the baby sounds. And little Billy was curious about the big nose peeking through the wall.

And so begins lambing season 2015 at Tower Ranch Alaska.

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